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Must be hard times at Microsoft

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From the peerless Daniel Eran Dilger, who’s probably forgotten more about technology than Steve Ballmer ever knew:

Microsoft’s development program is patterned after Apple’s in some respects, with the same $99 annual fee to participate in its program as a registered developer. However, Microsoft will also be charging an additional $99 fee per application submitted for both free and paid apps, after an initial grace period through the end of 2009 that permits five free app submissions.

“We will run a rigorous certification process to ensure an optimal end user experience, and that the device and network resources are not used in a malicious way,” Microsoft says in its Marketplace information page. “This certification process bears a significant cost. We believe that $99 is an acceptable cost of doing business, in order to gain access to millions of customers interested in purchasing applications.”

Apple does not charge developers any additional fees to submit their apps, which has resulted in a crushing submission approvals workload that has left a few dozen developers publicly enraged by delays and inconsistencies in the approval process. The vast majority of the 75,000 applications in the App Store library are approved within two weeks, and at no cost, by Apple’s staff of reviewers. In July, Apple reported to the FCC that it handles 8,500 app submissions and updates every week.

Microsoft’s store rules tells developers, “if your app is rejected, you will receive an adequate explanation and any associative tests or policy rules that have failed. As the developer, you are expected to address these issues before submitting the app again. Submission fees are not refundable, and you’ll have to repay the [$99] submission fee for each time you submit the app.”

Additionally, “Microsoft reserves the right to remove your app from Windows Marketplace for Mobile at any time. An app may be pulled if its content is unsuitable or if the app has an unusually high rate of customer refund requests.” At the same time, the company says, “you’re not required to provide support for apps that are no longer available on Windows Marketplace for Mobile.”

Microsoft sells restrictive new WiMo Marketplace via iPhone ads

99 bucks (non-refundable) just to submit an app plus an annual fee? Hey Microsoft, that’s no way to get developers on board. Just sayin’…



Dear Warren Buffet (Anger management in the ‘net age)

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Dear Mr. Buffett
I need to let you know what has happened with NetJets. You must not be aware. You are a smart and successful man. You will not be pleased. I have worked here for many years and am very concerned. I know we have had a very rough year financially, but we now find ourselves in a much worse situation with new leadership that is unprofessional and not capable or qualified. Most importantly, at least 4 of the people now put in charge of the company have a long history of unethical actions, including fraud, sexual harassment, affairs with their employees, and drug abuse on and off of the job. I have details in writing written by these people themselves proving these facts.
I do not know why David Sokol did not check out the people he was putting in charge. Did he ask anyone before he promoted these people??? It is common knowledge around NetJets that several of the new leaders are not good men. Murray and Jacobs are the worst. Did anyone check them out??? The IRS would have a field day with them. I wonder if their wives know what they have been doing for so many years. I have emails from these people given to me by a NetJets IT person. He collected evidence and gave the emails to several people including me. Our new leadership were not only stupid enough to do these terrible things, but they also wrote lots of emails about their fun times. I guess they thought they were invincible and that they would never get caught. Sorry boys, the game is over for you. The messages detail their sexual affairs, special gifts from the aircraft companies, free trips, and many things prohibited by our company for all employees. Did all of the people in leadership positions have drug tests? All of our pilots do. I know that several now at the top of our company would not pass. I bet the FAA would love that.
I am upset that Mr. Santulli is gone, but I am totally outraged that several of the people now in charge are cheats and liars not fit to work for our great company. Ask these new people in charge to tell you about the special deals they made and the gifts they get from vendors. Ask people like Olsen and Murray and Jacobs why so many women feel threatened and harassed by them. Ask Ben how many women he has had affairs with at NetJets and EJM. I can’t believe how many of these married men are doing this. Do your wives a big favor and leave them. They will be better off without you.
I can’t believe that Sokol did not learn about these people before they were given control of the place. I even question Sokol. Ask him why he spends more time looking at my chest than my eyes. My female coworkers would tell you the same thing. And he thinks he will be the next Warren Buffett??? Jim Jacobs isn’t fit to do anything. He was in charge of billions of dollars worth of contracts? No wonder we lost so much money. Why wasn’t he fired? He is the main reason we are losing so much money. Take a look at the gifts and special free trips given to Jacobs and his buddies. Wonder how many are from Cessna and the other Jet companies!
I know that about 600 people will be fired tomorrow. I may even be one of them. I also know that you are slashing the benefits and salaries for everyone else. If I am fired, I will sue NetJets and the 4 men that have harassed me. I also know that many of my female colleagues will do the same thing. I already spoke to a lawyer and was told that I have all the facts and evidence I need. I know we need to cut back to survive, but the people put in charge will make it much worse. I do not trust them. You should not trust them. Even Sokol should be checked. I will send you the emails with the details of their affairs and drugs and gifts. All written by the men themselves thinking they could get away with anything. If nothing is done to investigate and remove these people, I will send the emails to their wives and the media. Please do something now. I live this company and want it to survive. All of our hard work is going to waste now.
See your letter to us below and our guidelines. I read them. I follow them. Did our new leaders read them? I know they don’t follow them. I know for a fact that most of the people now leading NetJets have numerous violations of these rules now and in the past. Please do something now. I will send you the emails with all the facts and evidence. You need to be aware and fix this before any more damage is done. Thank you.

Anonymous commentator on Business Insider


Quelle surprise

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WASHINGTON — Attorney General Eric Holder has decided not to bring any criminal charges against a former Bush administration official who lawmakers said lied to them in sworn testimony.

An inspector general’s report found that Bradley Schlozman, the former head of the civil rights division, misled lawmakers in sworn testimony about whether he politicized hiring decisions.

At his February confirmation hearing, Holder pledged he would review that decision to prosescute Schlozman when he took over the department and promised to strengthen and rebuild the civil rights division.

Holder’s decision was revealed in a letter sent to lawmakers on Friday.

Sen. Charles Schumer, D-N.Y., who was one of Schlozman’s questioners at the original hearing and had urged Holder take a second look at the case, called the attorney general’s decision “very disappointing.”

“Perjury is often a close call, but in this case it wasn’t. Mr. Schlozman was way over the line,” Schumer said.

Bradley Schlozman Won’t Face Criminal Charges For Lying Under Oath


English sense of “fair play”

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Rover executives ‘extracted £42m’

MG Rover collapsed with debts of £1bn
A report into the collapse of carmaker Rover will reveal that five executives took £42m in pay and pensions from the troubled firm, the BBC has learned.
The report by independent inspectors outlines how the five enriched themselves while the company was heading for insolvency.

It does not, however, accuse them of breaking the law.

The long-awaited report into the 2005 collapse of MG Rover will be released on Friday.

The independent probe has taken more than four years to complete and has cost the taxpayer about £16m.

The Serious Fraud Office (SFO) has said it does not intend to launch a criminal investigation into the collapse, which saw about 6,500 people lose their jobs.
The four executives in control of MG Rover, the so-called Phoenix Four, have always denied any wrongdoing.

Former MG Rover chairman John Towers, ex-vice chairman Nick Stephenson, Peter Beale and John Edwards came in for criticism after the firm’s collapse when it was revealed that they had taken an estimated £40m in pay and pensions from the company.

Rover executives ‘extracted £42m’ (BBC)



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Microsoft asks NHS what next for its EwA
08 Sep 2009

Microsoft is running a consultation to ask NHS IT professionals what they want to see in a future Enterprise wide Agreement between the NHS and the company.

The EwA is currently under negotiation as part of a nine-year provisional agreement and is due to expire in 2010.

Microsoft signed its EwA with the NHS in October 2001, and subsequently extended it in July 2007. The original deal covered 600,000 desktop licenses, with the number later extended to 850,000.

A questionnaire hosted on Microsoft’s NHS Resource Centre asks staff what they’d like to see as part of a future EwA, assuming the Department of Health decides to award one. With the Treasury looking for deep efficiency savings, all public sector expenditure is under close scrutiny.

“It is an opportunity for IT decision makers to feed back on what they have liked and disliked about the previous EwA,” said John Coulthard, director of healthcare and life sciences at Microsoft.

Microsoft asks NHS what next for its EwA


sans souci

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